Home Sellers Guide: Step 4 - On-Market

All of the preparation is complete and the marketing materials have been created.  Now it is time for your home to go live on the market.  When your home goes live on the market remember that the easier it is for Buyers and real estate agents to see your property, the more property showings you will have.  

Your property should be accessible by an electronic key lockbox that only licensed Ocean City Realtors have access to.  These electronic lockboxes enable your real estate agent to monitor your listing and its activity at all times.

In the event the home is occupied you should be notified of property showings beforehand and given the authority to either authorize the showing or reschedule it for a more convenient time.  There are a variety of useful tools and apps that make the property showing process easy for all involved.

It is important to make the most of each property showing you have.  Most Buyers will be looking at several Ocean City properties the same day they look at yours and you want to make sure your home stands out.  Below are a few things that you or your real estate agent can do prior to the showing that will make a good impact:

  • Turn on all lights

  • Put away any clutter

  • Clean if necessary

  • Open all blinds

  • Turn off TVs and radios

  • Make beds

If possible you will want to leave the home during any showings.  When the Seller is present prospective Buyers tend to be uncomfortable and don’t look at the home as intently as they typically would.

What happens after a showing is as important as the showing itself.  It is imperative that your hire an Ocean City real estate agent that has the qualities and processes listed below in place to capitalize on each opportunity.  

Proactive Agent

Your real estate agent should be proactively looking for Buyers.  Rather than waiting for things to happen, choose a real estate agent that makes things happen.  They should be looking for prospective Buyers in their databases, running targeted social media campaigns, utilizing direct mail and sending new listing announcements.

Prompt Response

A responsive Ocean City real estate agent will address all inquiries on your home by prospective Buyers and other real estate agents promptly and thoroughly.  Doing so creates momentum and keeps the sales process moving forward.

Property Showings

The easier it is for your property to be seen, the more it will get shown.  There are property showing services available that make this process as easy as possible for all parties involved.  These showing services come with an optional app that keeps you up to date on your listing’s activity at all times.

Showing Feedback

Showing feedback should be requested from the Buyer’s real estate agent for all property showings and shared with you.  Showing feedback is valuable information that can be used to identify trends that may need to be addressed.

Status Reports

You should be provided with regular status reports summarizing the activity on your listing and an overview of comparable listing activity in the market.  This important process ensures your listing stays properly positioned in the competitive Ocean City real estate market.

Real estate sales are all about momentum and good opportunities need to be capitalized on.  The steps and agent attributes listed above will make the most out of every property showing you have.  This will ultimately lead to strong offers on your home within a reasonable amount of time.  If you would like to discuss the selling process in greater detail feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email below.

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