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6 Homebuyer Turnoffs to Avoid

We have all heard it before ... You only get one chance to make a first impression.  It holds true in a lot of circumstances, especially in the world of Ocean City real estate.  If you are considering selling your real estate in Ocean City or the surrounding areas you will want to ensure the issues below are not present in your home or condo.  They will lead to a poor first impression on a prospective buyers and cause your property to sit on the market.  If any of these buyer turn-offs are present you will want to get them addressed prior to putting your home or condo up for sale.

1. Damp or wet patches cause immediate concern for many home buyers.  They don't know if the cause of the problem has been fixed and wet patches always raise the concern of mold.  If you have damp or wet spots in your home or condo you will want to ensure the cause has been fixed and repair any cosmetic issues before putting your Ocean City property on the market.

2.  Odors from pets, smoke, dampness or any other noxious item are an immediate turnoff for buyers.  There are a variety of ways to deal with these issues before listing your home or condo for sale.  Rectifying these issues could be as easy as installing a few air fresheners or performing a deep cleaning on the property.  More intensive issues may require professional air purification services to fix the problem.

3.  Dull light or darkness can make a home appear smaller than it is and tends to give buyers a drab feeling about the property.  Prior to a property showing it is imperative to open up the blinds and turn all the lights on.

4.  Clutter is an immediate turnoff for a buyer.  Clutter will make a space seem smaller and gives the impression that the Seller doesn't care about selling the property.  It can also be a precursor to other maintenance...