Furnishing Vacation Homes

Most vacation home owners in Ocean City, MD want their second homes to be functional, beautiful and low maintenance.  The ideal vacation home is easy to enjoy while you are there and requires minimal maintenance while you are away.  Spaces will be used differently in your vacation home than in your primary home, hence there are different considerations to be made when you are furnishing it.  Below are some local insights to help you get started.

Compact Furniture

Coastal properties are typically condominiums and townhomes that have smaller floorplans than traditional homes.  Many spaces in coastal properties will be multifunctional and utilizing compact furniture goes a long way towards maximizing the available space.  Large or crowded furniture can make maneuvering throughout the property difficult.  By utilizing compact furniture you can attain all of the real-world function you need with a good flow and your coastal property will look great.  Pottery Barn and many other furniture manufacturers have entire lines of furniture designed specifically for smaller spaces.

Durable Materials

Furniture and equipment in vacation homes will wear more quickly than in primary homes due to the coastal elements and the steady stream of friends, family and guests.  You will want to ensure that you utilize durable materials that can stand-up to these factors, are easy to clean and resistant to damage, especially for oceanfront properties.  High-performance fabrics, vinyl plank flooring, synthetic solid-surface countertops and stout furniture are proven products that perform well in vacation homes.  When choosing items for your vacation home, think of materials first and then find something with those materials that fits your budget.  This approach may cost a bit more on the front-end, but will pay dividends and save you money in the long run.  I have personally used Sunbrella fabrics for both indoor and outdoor furnishings and have found it to be incredibly durable.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are one of the main attractions of vacation homes.  These are great places to relax, unwind and in many cases enjoy beautiful views.  You will want to look for quality outdoor furniture that can stand up to direct sunlight, a salt air environment, windy conditions and a lot of use.  Polywood furniture is a great option for coastal outdoor spaces as it is weather resistant, easy to clean, durable and heavy so that it will not blow around in the wind.  Bringing your outdoor furniture inside or covering it during the off-season will go a long way towards extending its useful life.  Hit the Deck in Fenwick Island, Delaware has a great selection of quality outdoor furnishings.

Minimize the Extra

Vacation homes tend to be more sparsely decorated than primary residences.  While you definitely want to make your vacation home comfortable and personalized, try to eliminate anything that is not necessary.  With space at a premium in vacation homes and a lot of guests, you will want to ensure the home is appropriately furnished, but not cluttered.  Avoiding unnecessary items will help to ensure things don’t get damaged or broken.  Additionally, cleaning and caring for extra furniture and decorative objects is not something you will want to do while you are on vacation at the beach!

Home Automation

Consider utilizing home automation tools and software to help manage your property from afar via web applications.  Electronic locks are a great addition for easy access, as well as for monitoring access history.  Security cameras enable you to monitor your property in real-time and can aid in keeping it secure.  This can be especially useful for bayside properties that may have a boat docked at the property.  Smart thermostats and detectors can help detect issues early, preventing costly disasters and saving on utility costs.  The prices on smart home technology have gotten competitive in recent years and they are a great additions to coastal vacation homes.

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