Choosing a Realtor

There are hundreds of Realtors serving the Ocean City real estate market.  You owe it to yourself to do your due diligence before choosing an Ocean City Realtor to assist you.  The agent you choose to work with will have an impact on the value you get and the overall transaction.


There are few ways that a Realtor can gain experience other than by working with Buyers and Sellers to get deals done.  While time in the real estate business helps, it doesn't necessarily equate to adequate experience.  A real estate agent that has been in the business for fifteen years part-time may not have as much useful experience as someone who has been in the business full-time for five years and had success.  Viewing an agent's track record of past sales and their agent ratings will always tell the full story.


Confirm the Ocean City real estate agent you choose has market knowledge and experience in the specific areas that are of interest to you.  Even in a small area like Ocean City there can be considerable differences between property types and related items.  If the agent you choose to work with is not familiar with these nuances it could make for a challenging transaction and large opportunity costs.


Does the agent have tools and systems that are going to streamline the overall real estate process and make life easier for you?  If you are buying they should have tools to help you organize your search and make it more efficient.  If you are selling they should have a listing portal setup for you so you know what is going on with your listing at all times and are being provided feedback from property showings.  Once a purchase contract is secured they should have systems in place to assist in navigating from contract to closing with a minimum amount of hassles.


A typical Ocean City real estate agent is responsible for all aspects of their business, which can get overwhelming for both themselves and their clients.  You want to look for an agent that has support staff in place to help them manage their business.  Ideally they should have a transaction coordinator to manage property sales and a listing coordinator to manage listings.  Having these staff members in place to assist the agent ensures that nothing gets overlooked and that you have a hassle free transaction from start to finish.


Did the agent answer the phone the first time you called them?  If they didn't, did they get back to you promptly?  If you requested information from them did they deliver it to you in a timely manner?  You must choose an Ocean City Realtor that is responsive in order to get the results you are looking for in today's competitive real estate market.  Deals get done off of momentum and choosing an agent that is responsive and proactive keeps the momentum going.


Experienced real estate agents will offer performance guarantees.  These guarantees will provide easy exit options from the listing agreement or buyer agency agreement in the event that you are not satisfied with the respective agent's services or results.  This likely won't be an issue if you choose an agent that possesses all of the skills and tools presented in this article.


Check an agent's ratings and reviews from previous clients that they have assisted with buying or selling real estate.  These reviews and ratings will provide good insight into the agent's effectiveness, responsiveness and overall ability.  Additionally, you will want to look at the agent's record of past sales to ensure they have the experience necessary to assist you in the market areas that are of interest to you.


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