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Home Seller's Guide: Step 5 - Negotiating

One of the primary reasons you hire an Ocean City real estate agent is to negotiate on your behalf. Your agent should be focused on negotiating the best price possible for your home, along with the most favorable contract terms.  

When a Buyer makes an offer on your home you have the option to either accept, reject or counter their offer.  While price is the most important factor there are other factors to consider when evaluating a real estate offer:

  • Are the Buyers financing or paying cash?

  • If the Buyers are financing, what are their qualifications?

  • What contingencies are included … inspections, financing, appraisal?

  • What is the settlement timeframe and proposed closing date?

  • How much is the good faith deposit?

  • How are the Buyers proposing to handle closing costs?

  • Have the Buyers requested any closing cost assistance?

An experienced Ocean City real estate agent will walk you through the entire offer and explain all of the contingencies and details.  They should provide you with a Seller Net Sheet that summarizes all of the closing costs and provides you with an estimated net proceeds amount based on the offer. 

A couple of useful tips to keep in mind when you are negotiating:

  • ...

Home Sellers Guide: Step 4 - On-Market

All of the preparation is complete and the marketing materials have been created.  Now it is time for your home to go live on the market.  When your home goes live on the market remember that the easier it is for Buyers and real estate agents to see your property, the more property showings you will have.  

Your property should be accessible by an electronic key lockbox that only licensed Ocean City Realtors have access to.  These electronic lockboxes enable your real estate agent to monitor your listing and its activity at all times.

In the event the home is occupied you should be notified of property showings beforehand and given the authority to either authorize the showing or reschedule it for a more convenient time.  There are a variety of useful tools and apps that make the property showing process easy for all involved.

It is important to make the most of each property showing you have.  Most Buyers will be looking at several Ocean City properties the same day they look at yours and you want to make sure your home stands out.  Below are a few things that you or your real estate agent can do prior to the showing that will make a good impact:

  • Turn on all lights

  • Put away any clutter

  • Clean if necessary

  • Open all blinds

  • Turn off TVs and radios

  • Make beds

If possible you will want to leave the home during any showings.  When the Seller is present prospective Buyers tend to be uncomfortable and don’t look at the home as intently as they typically would.

What happens after...

Seller's Guide Step 3 - Marketing

There is currently a lot of competition in the Ocean City real estate market.  The days of placing a listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), popping a sign in the front yard and hoping for a Buyer are long gone.

Today's real estate market requires a broad spectrum of advertising in a coordinated manner to maximize the number of serious Buyers, showings and offers you receive.  At a minimum the agent you choose to work with should offer:

  • Professional Photography
  • Strong Internet Presence
  • Color Property Flyers
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Custom Property Signage
  • Lead Generating Websites
  • Showing Follow-Up Systems
  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Interactive 3-D Virtual Tours
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Exclusive Property Websites
  • Advanced MLS Placement
  • Extensive Buyer Database
  • Email Campaigns
  • Listing and Transaction Coordinators
  • Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com Ads

Choosing a Realtor

The Ocean City Realtor you choose to assist you with the marketing of your home will have a considerable impact on the outcome of the sale.  Be sure to choose wisely.  Things to look for when choosing a Realtor include:

  • Experience
  • Sales Record
  • Sale to List Price Ratio
  • Marketing Plan
  • Professionalism
  • Support Staff
  • Days on Market
  • Client Reviews and Testimonials
  • Communication Skills
  • Availability

As you can see, there is a lot to consider as you prepare to sell your home.  It will cost you a considerable amount of money to do so and you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced, local agent that offers...

Seller's Guide Step 2 - Prepare

There is more competition than ever in the current Ocean City real estate market.  Before putting your property on the market you will want to make sure it is a home that people will want to buy.  

Take a good look around your home to determine where it needs improvement.  It is important to address glaring issues and known defects so your property shows its best. 

Some fixes will be simple cosmetic items that you can likely handle on your own.  Other items may be more significant and require the services of a professional.  Below is a list of the common fixes that provide the most benefit:

  • Spruce up the lawn
  • Get carpets cleaned
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Powerwash the exterior
  • Organize closets and drawers
  • Clear out clutter
  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Paint in neutral tones
  • Simplify decor
  • Minimize personal effects

Be smart with home improvements.  Don't over improve a property you are getting ready to sell and not be able to recoup the costs.  Below are some reputable local Ocean City contractors that can assist you with these projects:

  • Lawn Masters - 410-603-6235
  • JC Custom Painting - 302-604-3001
  • Lighthouse Services - 410-723-7098
  • Brasures Carpet - 302-436-5652
  • Chesapeake Hydro-Wash - 410-479-9744
  • Dave Wallace Electric - 443-497-0492
  • Seaside Plumbing - 410-641-1368
  • Easy Breezy Cleaning - 443-523-7060

This investment of time and money will help generate a faster sale at a higher price.  Your property will show its best, stand out from the competition and make a good impression on prospective Buyers.

I would be glad to walk through your home with you and make suggestions on fixes...

Want To Enjoy The Water This Weekend? Check Out Ocean City's Top Watersport Activities

The Ocean City, Maryland area can be a great place for anyone to visit. This area is full of many great restaurants, shops, and other recreational amenities. One of the key reasons why people continue to visit here is that there is very convenient access to the Atlantic Ocean, which gives you the change to enjoy many different watersports. There are a variety of top watersport activities that you can enjoy this upcoming weekend in Ocean City.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
If you enjoy an activity that will allow you to have fun on the open water without getting too wet, stand up paddleboarding is a great option. With stand up paddle boarding, you will essentially stand on a board that is similar to a surfboard and move around with the use of a paddle or oar. This can be a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy when the surf is low and the water is calm. It can be a great way to spend some time by yourself or as part of a larger group activity.

Jet Skiing
If you are looking for some excitement and want to enjoy the ocean waters on your own, one of the top watersport activities to enjoy is jet skiing. In the Ocean City area, there are a variety of options for renting jet skis, which you can enjoy by yourself or share with others. There are flexible rental agreements for those that want to use one for just an hour or an entire day. You can also receive all of the necessary accessories and equipment to enjoy you are able to safely have fun.

Sailing and Boating
There is no better way to spend a day in Ocean City, Maryland than on a boat in open water. Due to this, one of the top Ocean City watersports options is to go sailing or boating. For those that enjoy sailing, there are plenty of places that will rent out sailboats that...

Seller's Guide Step 1 - Strategy

When it comes to selling your home in Ocean City or the surrounding areas you need to have a strategic plan in place to ensure you sell your home for the highest price possible, in the least amount of time with the fewest hassles. Creating a comprehensive strategy ahead of time is a necessary and worthwhile step.  It will help you prioritize your goals and in-turn develop a marketing strategy and plan that accomplishes them.

Know Your Goals
Common goals when selling real estate in Ocean City and the surrounding areas are generating the highest price possible, selling in a reasonable timeframe, having a smooth transaction, ensuring your interests are represented and having the home go under contract and sell.  Accomplishing these goals comes down to four primary factors:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Home's condition
  • Marketing plan
  • Agent experience

The Ocean City real estate agent you choose to work with must have a system in place that addresses all of these factors.  The first step in this process is determining the property's value and listing price.

Determine the Listing Price

A well priced Ocean City home will generate competitive offers and sell within a reasonable amount of time.  Setting the listing price for your property is the most important step in the listing process.  If you set the price to high you will have limited activity and your home will sit on the market.  If you price the property too low you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

There are many factors that affect property values:

  • Local market conditions
  • Property size
  • Age and property condition
  • Recent comparable sales
  • Location and views
  • Interest rates
  • Number of...

Why RIGHT NOW is the Best Time to Sell

There is not other way to say it ... the real estate markets in Ocean City and the surrounding areas are on fire!  Most properties are selling within a couple of days of being listed, for over asking price with multiple offers.  If you are considering selling your Ocean City real estate, now is the most opportune time in well over a decade.  Below are several reasons why.

Demand Is Strong

Buyer demand is currently very strong in the Ocean City, Ocean Pines, West Ocean City and Berlin real estate markets.  This is being fueled by low interest rates, pent-up demand and limited inventory.  Due to COVID-19 there has been a noticeable shift in focus to "home".  In the primary home market, Buyers are spending a considerable amount more time at home and in-turn willing to invest in more space, features and amenities.  In the secondary market, Buyers have acknowledged they won't be going to Disney or getting on airplanes or cruise ships for the foreseeable future.  Instead, they are buying second homes that are easy to get to and provide a controlled environment.

Inventory Is Low

Real estate inventory throughout the Ocean City area is at its lowest levels in well over a decade.  This is happening just as Buyer demand is at an all-time high.  As a result of these two factors, properly priced homes in good condition are selling within a couple of days, typically with multiple offers.  This demand for homes is intersecting with a trend among homeowners to hold on to their homes for longer than usual.  Sellers are currently in a position that may only come around once in a generation.  Getting in on the action and listing your home for sale now is a wise move before more and more homeowners catch-on and enter the market.

Prices Are increasing

The average sold price in Ocean City is up by 3% over 2019 and rising.  The limited inventory and strong Buyer demand referenced earlier...

Seasonality and the Ocean City Real Estate market

Ocean City, Maryland is a great place to consider purchasing a second home or investment property. There are many things to consider in this process, one of which is the best time to buy.  Each season presents different opportunities and challenges in the Ocean City real estate market.  Below are the pros and cons of buying in a particular season that will help you determine the best time to buy based on your particular situation.

Spring Season

The demand for Ocean City properties is at its highest during the Spring.  There will be a good amount of inventory to choose from, but there will also be a lot of competition.  As such, Sellers tend to not be terribly motivated with a steady stream of qualified Buyers walking through their front door. 

The keys to buying in the Spring are being proactive and being prepared.  Good properties will sell quickly and if you want in, you have to move quickly.  You will also want to ensure you have your finances in order and are pre-qualified if you will be getting a mortgage for the purchase.

Summer Season

Summer may seem like the busiest season for real estate sales in Ocean Cit, but that isn’t the case. The spring and fall actually beat the summer quite handily. There are limitations with showing property during the Summer months with all of the vacation rentals in town.  As such, inventory tends to be at its lowest level during the Summer months and Sellers that have rental income rolling in tend to not be as motivated.

The advantages to buying in the Summer are that you can use the property immediately during "prime time" and be situated for the best time of year in Ocean City (the fall but don't tell anybody!).  Additionally, if the property is a vacation rental you can step right into the rental income that transfers with...

Updates to Consider When Selling Ocean City Real Estate

If you have decided to sell your home or condo in Ocean City, you likely have many questions and potential concerns. What if the home doesn't sell fast? What if the inspector's report turns off potential buyers? Fortunately, there are several things you can do ahead of time to increase your beach home's value. Here is the list of home updates you should consider when selling your real estate in Ocean City:


A fresh coat of paint can go a long way and is relatively inexpensive.  Use neutral tones and limit it to one or two colors throughout the home.  New paint will give the home a fresh look and appeal to all potential buyers.

Add more Decking

Adding decking is one of the best home updates you can do. Decking makes a landscape more unique and adds privacy to a property. You can also add more patios, porches, remodel the pool area, and install a functional open-air fireplace. However, when adding decking consider the color and the quality of wood thoroughly. In order to get the desired look, new decking should match the style and decor of your house. Make sure that you choose a high-quality and durable type of wood to protect your deck from rain and water.

Upgrade and improve the lighting

Lighting in a house is extremely important because it is responsible for the atmosphere. If you noticed there is dull recessed lighting in the living and dining rooms, make sure you upgrade it before posting your house for sale. Do not forget to replace aged light bulbs with new ones in other rooms. It might also be a good idea to add energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. This will make your home more energy-efficient, which is desired by most home buyers today. Since home showing often occurs in the daytime, take into consideration natural lighting as well. Make sure that...

How To Navigate Multiple Offer Situations

The current lack of inventory in the Ocean City real estate market, coupled with high Buyer demand is leading to multiple offer situations within a couple of days on a majority of new real estate listings in Ocean City.  Multiple offer situations are tricky to navigate and you have to be prepared. 

I have successfully negotiated several contracts for clients in recent weeks that were in multiple offer situations, all of which had five to seven offers involved.  Taking the steps below will put you in a position to succeed.

Know the Numbers

If you are going into a multiple offer situation you have to know what the property’s market value is.  Research information on recent sales of similar properties ahead of time so you know the value of the property you are pursuing and can make informed decisions.

Stay Proactive

You have to stay proactive in the current market and be aware of new real estate listings in Ocean City as soon as they hit the market.  I can email you new listings that match your specifications as soon as they hit the market, which will ensure you do not miss out on a good opportunity.

Be Disciplined

It is easy to get caught up in the action and potentially overpay or concede protections in multiple offer scenarios.  A good Ocean City real estate agent that is looking out for your interests will advise you accordingly.  This is why knowing the numbers ahead of time and adjusting for condition, views, etc. is imperative.


17 Home Renovations to Spark Some Project Ideas in 2020

As we get into the heart of summer, you may be looking for home renovation ideas for your Ocean City home or condo. If you know you want to do something to change up the look of your home, but are looking for some ideas on where to start, here’s a look at 17 ideas to inspire you as you give your home a new, fresh look.

1. Two Tone Is Out - Three Tone Is In

It’s long been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s been a recent trend of using 3 different colors to provide an added layer of depth to the kitchen. Consider having different sections of cabinets be two different colors with a third color on the walls.

2. Wood Cabinets

If you don’t want to take the leap into a tri-tone kitchen, there has also been a resurgence of wood cabinets that provide a simplistic look.

3. Soft Kitchens

2019 saw the trend of “soft” colors become very popular in kitchens, and it’s widely expected that it’s a trend that will continue. Marble backsplashes with soft gray and white cabinets provide a clean, elegant look.

4. Butcher Block Counter Tops

Especially popular on island countertops, a butcher block countertop made of wood breaks up the solid colors of perimeter counters and cabinets.

5. Decorative Sink Panels

Some major companies, such as Kohler, are introducing customizable farmhouse sinks. These allow homeowners to choose a pattern that will be embossed across the front of their sink, allowing you to be as bold or as modest as you want.

6. Thin Materials

Inspired by home renovation trends in Europe, some companies are introducing ultra-thin countertops which give a sleek, modern look to your kitchen. Instead of large, blocky countertops that show 2-inch faces along their edges, these...

Seven Step System for Buyers

Purchasing a home for sale in Ocean City or the surrounding areas is a large financial transaction that involves a lot of time, people and information to manage.  When improperly managed the process can be overwhelming and often results in undesirable outcomes.  You deserve to have an experienced, knowledgable advisor by your side to assist you in navigating through the home buying process.  Below you will find an overview of the Seven Step System I have in place to ensure my clients have seamless real estate transactions from start to finish.  

STEP 1 - Initial Consultation

The first step is to set-up a time to discuss what you are looking for in your new home. Things to consider during this process are:

  • Location
  • Property Size
  • Views
  • Property Type
  • Price Range
  • Features
  • Amenities
  • Intended Use

As you work through this list and other considerations you will identify the ideal home for your wants and needs. This process will help focus your search and enable us to create a plan to move forward with.

step 2 - New Listing Alerts

Once you determine the type of property you are looking for I will set-up your Listing Manager Account. I will email you new listings and price adjustments for Ocean City area properties that match your specifications as soon as they hit the market. This service will save you a lot of time and effort, while also ensuring you do not miss out on a good opportunity.

step 3 - Mortgage Pre-Qualification

If you are going to be financing your upcoming purchase I will get you in touch with my mortgage partners, whom can assist you in securing mortgage pre-approval. Getting pre-approved for the mortgage ahead of time provides several benefits:

  • Ensures the upcoming purchase...

5 Best Restaurants Offering Take-Out in Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is a very popular vacation destination for people from all over the country. When you come to visit for a vacation or live there permanently, one of the main draws is the access to a wide range of amazing restaurants. Similar to other cities located across the country, eating in a restaurant in Ocean City has been largely restricted. However, you can still get an amazing meal in Ocean City by ordering takeout from some of the most popular restaurants around. There are five restaurants in particular that are offering great deals and meals for pickup or delivery.

Liquid Assets

A popular restaurant in Ocean City is Liquid Assets. Whether you are interested in a quick lunch or a full-course dinner, Liquid Assets offer a contemporary culinary approach that delivers delicious traditional favorites from scratch with local, freshly prepared, high-quality ingredients. Some of the best things to try are their Kung Pao Calamari, Wagyu Burger and Gourmet Grill Cheese. This place will definitely make your time in Ocean City one to remember. Take a quick peek at their menu and have the phone close as there is something for everyone.

Rice House

The Rice House Bistro has been combining the art and precision of Asian cuisine since 1987. This place has become an Ocean City landmark and many will tell you that you can’t leave until you try it. They offer not only the best sushi around, but they also have amazing Asian, seafood and steak dishes. I recommend the White Tiger and Dragon rolls, as well as the Hunan...

Monthly Costs

Monthly Expenses

Below are the monthly expenses you can expect when owning real estate in Ocean City or the surrounding areas.  These costs will vary depending based on the property type, size and location of the Ocean City real estate you purchase:

  • Electric
  • Cable and Wifi
  • Water and Sewer
  • Gas (where applicable)
  • Property Insurance
  • Condominium or Homeowners Association Fees (where applicable)
  • Trash Pick-Up (outside of Ocean City)
  • Property Taxes
  • Mortgage Principle and Interest (where applicable)

If you are buying a property that is part of a condominium association your water, gas, trash pick-up and master insurance policies are typically covered by the monthly condominium fees.  Additionally, some of the larger Ocean City condominium associations also cover cable and wifi.

When you are buying a single family home you will need to account for exterior and yard maintenance.

Once you identify some Ocean City properties that are of interest I can help you determine what the monthly expenses will be relative to the property type, size and location.

If you have any other questions or want to discuss this in greater detail feel free to contact me directly anytime at 443-614-9179 or via email below.

Contact Nicholas


6 Homebuyer Turnoffs to Avoid

We have all heard it before ... You only get one chance to make a first impression.  It holds true in a lot of circumstances, especially in the world of Ocean City real estate.  If you are considering selling your real estate in Ocean City or the surrounding areas you will want to ensure the issues below are not present in your home or condo.  They will lead to a poor first impression on a prospective buyers and cause your property to sit on the market.  If any of these buyer turn-offs are present you will want to get them addressed prior to putting your home or condo up for sale.

1. Damp or wet patches cause immediate concern for many home buyers.  They don't know if the cause of the problem has been fixed and wet patches always raise the concern of mold.  If you have damp or wet spots in your home or condo you will want to ensure the cause has been fixed and repair any cosmetic issues before putting your Ocean City property on the market.

2.  Odors from pets, smoke, dampness or any other noxious item are an immediate turnoff for buyers.  There are a variety of ways to deal with these issues before listing your home or condo for sale.  Rectifying these issues could be as easy as installing a few air fresheners or performing a deep cleaning on the property.  More intensive issues may require professional air purification services to fix the problem.

3.  Dull light or darkness can make a home appear smaller than it is and tends to give buyers a drab feeling about the property.  Prior to a property showing it is imperative to open up the blinds and turn all the lights on.

4.  Clutter is an immediate turnoff for a buyer.  Clutter will make a space seem smaller and gives the impression that the Seller doesn't care about selling the property.  It can also be a precursor to other maintenance issues.  Deep cleaning and...

Christmas in Ocean City - 2018

I get asked all the time what there is to do in Ocean City, MD when the temperatures cool down. The off-season and especially the holidays are some of the best times to enjoy this beautiful beach community. Below are the top eleven things that my family and I like to do during the holidays in Ocean City and the surrounding areas. 

1. Check out a local Christmas parade. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 1st  for the Ocean City Christmas parade! The parade will start at 11am on Old Landing Rd. and march northbound to 120th street. The event will feature more than 50 units, including high school bands, horses, antique cars, colorful holiday floats, and more. Continue the parade fun later in the week at the Berlin Christmas parade, scheduled for Thursday, December 6th at 7pm. The Berlin Christmas parade, celebrating its 150th anniversary, will bring the town of Berlin to life and light as floats, bands, firetrucks, and more parade down Main Street.  

2. Support a good cause. Christmas and the holiday season in general is a time when most people’s thoughts turn to giving. And thankfully, Ocean City has no shortage of charitable events to take part in. Whether it’s as small as donating canned goods to Diakonia for their annual food drive, or as big as taking a plunge in the ocean on New Year’s Day to support our not-for-profit community hospital, there are many ways to give back at the holidays and have fun while doing so.

3. Light up your night. Each winter, Northside Park transforms into a magical winter wonderland with its annual Winterfest of Lights. This award-winning light display includes a trolley ride through Northside Park with over one million Christmas bulbs and music to go along with it! Open every evening from November 15th –...

Condominium Fees

As you are searching through real estate in Ocean City MD and the surrounding areas you likely have noticed the condo and/or HOA fees noted on the listing reports.  I get a lot of questions regarding these fees and thought it would be helpful to put together and article explaining them.  Condo and home owner association fees are the monthly maintenance costs associated with a particular building or community. Each respective building or community prepares a budget each year and these costs are then split amongst the properties that make up the community.  While they all have their subtle differences there are some commonalities among them, which are outlined below.  Condo fees are a bit more involved so we will examine them first and then review HOA fees at the end.  Keep in mind that anytime you buy into a condo or home owners association you are entitled to a review phase per MD law.  You will be given the opportunity to review and assess the respective community that you are buying into and in the event that you are not satisfied with it you have the option of being released from the contract.


Most condo fees cover your fire, flood, hazard and general liability insurance through a master insurance policy for the building. In essence, if something happened to the building the master insurance policy that is paid for through your condo fee would rebuild the building to its original grade.  The only insurance your responsible for is contents insurance or an HO6 policy.  In the previous scenario your HO6 policy would replace your furnishings, personal belongings and any improvements you made to the property above the original building grade.


The condo fee will cover your water usage and trash pick up. In most situations you will be responsible for your electric, sewer, gas and cable bills. Some condo associations include basic cable in the condo fee and in the event they do you will find it disclosed in the listing remarks...

Determining Price

There is a lot of money on the line for everyone involved as you consider selling real estate in Ocean City MD and the surrounding areas.  As a result of this you deserve a level of professionalism and experience that is unfortunately largely lacking in the Ocean City MD real estate market.  Selling real estate isn't rocket science, however there is a process that should be followed in order to ultimately get your property sold for the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.  There are several factors that go into successfully selling real estate in Ocean City MD, Ocean Pines, West Ocean City, Bishopville or Berlin, however the three most important factors are:

  • The property's condition, location, upgrades, views, amenities, etc.
  • The marketing plan and experience of the real estate agent that is representing the listing.
  • The pricing strategy derived for the property.

Of these factors, price is the most important.  This does not mean that you have to be the lowest priced property, however you must ensure that your property is priced competitively relative to the recent comparable property sales and data.  You could have the greatest property in the world and it could be advertised during the superbowl, but if it is drastically overpriced it will not sell. 

The good old days of looking at what the last comparable property sold for, adding on a few percentage points to that price, popping a for sale sign on the property and waiting for the offers to roll in are long gone.  The current Ocean City MD real estate market requires a well researched pricing strategy in order to get your property sold for the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.  Below I will outline the process that I go through in determining accurate and effective pricing strategies for my clients.

Recent Comparable Sales

The first step is to pull the listing data for similar properties that have recently sold as this...

Association Review

Anytime you buy a property that is part of a condo or home owners association you are entitled to a review phase of the respective community per Maryland law.  For your protection an addendum will be included in the contract of sale for this review contingency.  When buying into a condo association you are entitled to a seven day right of rescission and for a home owners association your are entitle to a five day right of rescission.  Once you have a ratified contract to purchase a property you will get a resale package from the building or community that you are buying into seven to ten days after the contract is ratified.  The Seller and their agent are responsible for ordering, paying for and delivering the resale package to us. 

Below are the items that are required to be included.  Some of the associations will also include minutes from the most recent board meetings, reserve studies and other applicable items.  The most important document is the resale certificate, which outlines the status and amount of the yearly association fees, whether there are any pending special assessments, amount of money that is in the building reserve account and the presence of any judgements or civil actions against the association.

  • Copy of Community Declaration and Bylaws
  • Copy of the Rules and Regulations
  • Resale Certificate
  • Statement of Unit Conformity
  • Master Insurance Policy Summary
  • Community Operating Budget
  • Financial Statements

During this phase I will get any questions you have answered and gather any additional information you would like to see.  The settlement company handling your closing and myself will also review the documents to ensure everything is as it should be.  If there are any red flags we will bring them to your attention and gather additional information regarding them.  In the event that you are financing your purchase your lender will want items from the resale package and...

Property Insurance

As a Realtor serving Ocean City MD and the surrounding areas I am often asked about property insurance. As with all real estate purchases, obtaining adequate property insurance will be a crucial step. Being in a coastal community we are susceptible to hurricanes, nor' easters and flooding in addition to all of the other potential hazards that come along with home ownership. Regardless of whether it is your primary home or second home real estate in Ocean City MD you want to ensure that you have adequate coverage. The type of property you purchase and your intended use of the property will ultimately dictate what type of coverage and policies that you will need to put in place.

Standard Home Owners Insurance

Standard Ocean City home owners insurance, also known as hazard insurance, combines various personal insurance protections including losses to ones home and its contents, liability coverage for any accidents that may occur, loss of use and subsequent living expenses and loss of personal possessions. Your standard home owners insurance policy requires that one of the named insured occupies the home as a primary residence. The cost of home owners insurance is typically determined by the costs that would be involved to rebuild the home in the event that a loss occurred and any additional insurance riders/protections that you have in place, such as flood insurance. A majority of insurance providers outside of our area, such as the one that has your primary residence policy, will not insure real estate in coastal areas. You will likely need to go with a local Ocean City MD insurance company and I would be glad to assist you with this. This is also beneficial in the event that there is a problem in that they are local and are familiar with claims that arise from storms, flooding, rental damage, etc. Standard home owners insurance policies would apply to Ocean City single family homes, Ocean Pines homes, West Ocean City homes and any other properties that are not a part of a condominium association. There are...