Marketing Your Property

Below you will find an overview of the marketing plan that I utilize for all of the listings I represent.  This plan covers all of the relevant platforms and ensures your listing receives maximum exposure.  If you would like to discuss this marketing plan in greater detail or how I may be able to assist you feel free to contact me anytime.

Listing Preparation

Accurate Property Valuation

You could have the best property in the world and I could advertise it during the Superbowl, but if it was grossly overpriced it would not sell.  This doesn't mean that you have to be the lowest priced property on the market, however you must ensure that your property is priced competitively relative to recent comparable property sales.  Additionally, you must ensure that your pricing strategy positions your listing properly amongst the similar properties currently on the market that you will be competing against.  When both of these variables are accounted for your listing will receive a lot of Buyer activity, which will ultimately lead to it selling for the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.

I will prepare a detailed current market valuation of your property for you based off of recent comparable property sales data and overall Ocean City MD real estate market conditions.  I will first look at property sales data for the comparable properties that have recently sold to establish a preliminary valuation range.  Then I will factor in data from comparable property listings that are currently under contract as they will provide valuable insight into current Buyer activity.  Next I will review the comparable properties that are currently off market (expired, withdrawn or cancelled) to ensure we do not make the same pricing mistakes that these Sellers did.  Finally I will check the valuation range we established throughout this process against the similar listings currently on the market to ensure our pricing strategy is inline with the listings we will ultimately be competing against.  Pricing adjustments will be made throughout this process as needed to account for differences in property condition, upgrades, views, etc.  This process puts a sound pricing strategy is in place from the beginning and sets up for success going forward.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the property database that is used by real estate agents to research available listings and property information for their clients.  The MLS is also the primary data feed for property information on the most popular public real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others.  Inputting your listing into the MLS is standard practice for all Ocean City Realtors, however most will do it haphazardly and incomplete which makes for a poor impression on prospective Buyers.

I will first create all of the marketing materials for your property including the professional photos, virtual tour and video.  Once all of the marketing materials are available I will thoroughly and accurately input your listing into the MLS with all of the property information and marketing materials at one time.  This ensures that when a prospective Buyer or cooperating Realtor views your property listing all of the information they need to make informed decisions is available, which makes for a strong and positive first impression.

Professional Photography

Due to the important role the Internet plays in the home buying process a property listings photos are arguably one of the most important marketing pieces.  Buyers consistently rate property photos as the single most important factor in determining what properties they ultimately decide to look at.  The property's photos have to be high quality and numerous in order to attract and retain these Buyer's attention as they search through dozens of similar listings online.  If the property's photos are poor quality or limited in number both prospective buyers and cooperating real estate agents will pass right over your listing and will not give it a second thought or consideration.

I utilize a professional photographer to shoot the marketing photos for all of my listings.  They will shoot dozens of images highlighting all of the properties interior and exterior spaces, amenities, views, upgrades and any other relevant features.  The photos will be shot with wide angle lenses and optimized for proper lighting and effects.  These professional photos will then be utilized throughout all online, print and off-line marketing campaigns for your property.

Interactive 3-D Virtual Tour

Photos and property descriptions can only go so far in providing a prospective Buyer with a true feel for your property. These static elements make it difficult for Buyers to get an orientation of space and a feel for the overall flow of your home or condo.  Additionally, a majority of property Sellers and their agents are utilizing these basic marketing tools and we need something different that will make your property listing standout.

I will have an interactive 3-D virtual tour created for your property utilizing specialized, cutting-edge cameras.  Via this interactive 3-D tour prospective Buyers can tour your property online from any device and interact with it much as if they were physically walking through it.  This essentially serves as a 24/7 open house of your property that is especially useful in our market where a majority of Buyers come from out of town.  

Property Video Tour

Consumers love video, largely because it is simple and to the point.  A recent study showed that home listings with videos generated four times as many inquires than those that didn't.  As a result of video's popularity I will create a high quality video tour of your property that will highlight all of its interior and exterior spaces, as well as any unique features, views and upgrades.  This video tour will then be utilized throughout the entire marketing campaign for your property.  

Internet Exposure

Like most business sectors the Internet had a significant impact on the real estate industry and forever changed how real estate is bought and sold.  It used to be that a consumer had to contact a Realtor to get any type of information regarding real estate.  Now the consumer can simply go online and have a wealth of real estate and real estate related information available at their fingertips.  By the time a consumer gets to a real estate agent these days they have already done a considerable amount of research and are well informed.

Over 90% of recent home buyers utilized the Internet as one of their primary real estate research resources, with 52% of them initiating their property search online.  These numbers are even higher in a second home market like Ocean City where a majority of Buyers come from several hours away.  In most cases, by the time a buyer contacts an agent to view listings in Ocean City and the surrounding areas they already have a list of properties that they want to see based on their online research.

It is imperative in today's market that you choose a listing agent that has a strong Internet presence and a comprehensive online marketing strategy in place, otherwise you will miss out on a considerable number of opportunities.  I have a broad Internet presence in place with several layers that covers both national and local real estate and real estate related websites.  All of the marketing materials that I create for your listing are optimized for and used across these platforms.  Regardless of how a consumer searches for real estate in Ocean City and the surrounding areas they will come across your listing and it will look great when they do. 

National Real Estate Websites

Buyers will typically start their property search online with broad search terms such as "real estate" or "homes for sale".  When they do this they will land on national real estate websites such as Zillow,, Trulia and others.  These sites are popular with consumers as they offer a lot of information and are relatively easy to use.  It is imperative that your property be prominently featured on these websites with professional photography, virtual tours, complete listing details and accurate information.

All of my listings are featured on these websites and dozens of others with all of the marketing elements you see referenced on this page.  Simply put ... if it is a real estate website that matters your property will be featured there.  I pay for advanced placement on a majority of these websites, which highlights your listing and pushes it towards the top of the search results.  Additionally, through this advanced placement if someone inquires about your property the inquiry comes directly to me.  This ensures that the inquiry is answered timely and accurately by me, which is extremely important in online real estate sales.  All of this makes for a positive first impression on prospective Buyers, which leads to a considerable number of inquiries and showings on my listings.

Local Real Estate Websites

As Buyers get more serious about their property search or want more specific information they will start using more definitive search terms, such as "Ocean City MD Real Estate" or "Condos for Sale in Ocean City."  When they do this they will land on the top performing Ocean City real estate websites, such as the one you are currently on.  These sites are popular with consumers as they offer the most accurate local information available, which caters specifically to the Ocean City real estate market.

I control several of the top performing Ocean City real estate websites.  Search for anything pertaining to Ocean City real estate and you will land on one of my websites.  These sites are popular with Buyers as they have been designed and developed to cater specifically to the unique nuances of the Ocean City real estate market.  I generate a large amount of leads and inquiries through these sites each month with serious Buyers that are looking for properties similar to yours.  Your listing will be prominently featured on all of these websites, which receive high volumes of consumer traffic every day.

Listing Syndication

In addition to the websites mentioned above I generate additional online exposure for your listing via the process of listing syndication.  Through various agreements that my brokerage and myself have in place your listing will be featured on dozens of other real estate and real estate related websites, including a majority of the other national and local real estate franchise websites.  This provides the maximum exposure possible for your listing online on all of the websites that matter, ultimately leading to more property showings and your listing selling faster.

On-Site Property Promotion

Due to the landscape of our real estate market it is easy for interested Buyers to drive, bike and walk around looking for available real estate options in areas that are of interest to them.  As a result it is important to have a strong marketing presence on your property where possible to attract the attention of these potential Buyers.

Property Signage

I utilize custom signage with Keller Williams branding to attract the attention of potential Buyers to your property.  The signage offers several contact points (phone, email, web, text) for interested parties to get additional information on your listing regardless of their communication preferences.  Additionally, my website is referenced on the property signage where interested parties can go to view the full listing for your property and all of its marketing materials.

Full Color Property Flyer

I will create a full color property flyer for your listing and ensure that it remains stocked on your property at all times.  The flyer features multiple photos, a full description, listing highlights, QR codes to the property's website and virtual tour, as well as several contact points for interested parties to get additional information.  These high quality flyers provide Buyers with a good representation of what your home or condo offers and lead to a considerable number of showings on my listings.

New Listing Announcements

Dozens of new real estate listings in Ocean City and the surrounding areas come on the market everyday.  When you couple this with all of the other distractions that are out there it is easy for a good new listing to get lost in the shuffle.  To ensure this doesn't happen and to create good initial momentum when your property is listed I will prepare several new listing announcements for your property.  

Direct Mail Campaign

A considerable amount of the property that sells in Ocean City and the surrounding areas is either purchased by people that already own property here or friends and family of current property owners.  People that are "moving up" tend to want to stay in the same general area as the property they currently own. Friends and family of current property owners that are purchasing real estate in this area tend to want to be close to them.  As a result of these factors my "Just Listed" postcard campaigns have proven to be quite successful in generating interest for my listings.

I will prepare and execute a direct mail post card campaign announcing the listing of your property when it first goes on the market.  The campaign will be targeted to all of the property owners in the surrounding areas where your home or condo is located.  The post card will include multiple photos, a property description and several contact points for interested parties to get additional information or to schedule an appointment to see your property.

Email Announcement and Updates

Rather than waiting for my fellow real estate agents to come across your listing in the MLS I will put it directly in front of them.  I will prepare an email announcement at the time your property is listed with multiple photos of the property, a detailed description and links to all of the marketing materials.  The new listing announcement will then be sent to a majority of the Realtors serving the real estate markets in Ocean City and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, if there are any adjustments made during the course of your listing they will be emailed back out to all of these agents.

Local Real Estate Publications

The Internet has unquestionably taken over as the dominant advertising platform for real estate, especially in a second home market like ours.  Though most real estate agents have abandoned print advertising it still has its place when done correctly.  After all, one of the first things visitors to Ocean City do when they get here is head to the store to grab the items they need and inevitably they grab the local publications.

Eastern Shore Resort Real Estate Guide

The Eastern Shore Resort Real Estate Guide is the premier real estate publication serving Ocean City and the surrounding areas.  They have strong distribution in place and are offered at a majority of the most heavily trafficked locations in town.  I have a consistent two-page, full color advertisement in this publication where your property will be prominently featured.  Your property advertisement in this guide will feature a link to your property's individual website where interested parties can go to view the complete listing for your property and all of its related marketing materials.

Social Media and Mobile Device Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Love it or hate it, social media has proven to be an effective marketing platform.  At this point a majority of people are on one platform or another and in many cases are on several platforms.  This provides me with a means to get additional exposure for your listing in front of people that may not typically see your property.  Additionally, these platforms allow me to do some strategic, fun and creative advertising that I am not able to do elsewhere. 

I have a comprehensive social media marketing strategy in place where I advertise my listings and any subsequent updates to them.  I also offer a lot of helpful real estate and local information on these sites, which has helped to build the strong following that I have.  This strategy covers Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google +, Linked In and any other platforms that come along which are appropriate for real estate advertising.   All of the marketing materials referenced here will be used across these websites and platforms to gain additional exposure for your property listing.

Mobile Optimized Marketing

Over 50% of online searches are done through a mobile device and people are consuming more and more content on their mobile devices and tablets everyday.  This is especially true "at the beach" where people are away from their desktop and laptop computers.  In order for this to be a good user experience the content these consumers are looking at has to be optimized for these various devices.  If the marketing materials for your property are not developed with these devices in mind it makes for a poor user experience and the intended message or marketing information is not conveyed properly.

All of the marketing materials I create are optimized for the various devices that consumers are utilizing these days.  Regardless of whether they are looking at your property's marketing materials on their phone, tablet or computer the advertising will look great, be easy to navigate and all of the important information will be there.

Property Showings

Simply put, the easier it is for your property to be seen by prospective Buyers and my fellow Ocean City Realtors the more it will get shown.  I accomplish this by ensuring that you and your guests time and space is respected, while also doing my best to accommodate the prospective Buyer and their agent's schedules.  I go to great lengths and have put systems in place to ensure that this happens through a controlled and orderly process.

All showing requests for your property are handled directly through me.  To assist with this I utilize a showing service that makes it easy for my fellow Realtors to make an appointment to see your property, which they can do either by phone or online depending on their preference.  You will have the option to set up a text or email alert via the Showing Time app notifying you anytime that your property is being shown.  If necessary I can set the system up for you to personally authorize or reschedule the showings, otherwise I can promptly address the showing request myself from anywhere at anytime.  If your property is occupied or rented I will check with the appropriate parties to ensure that it is okay to authorize the showing request.  If the initial request time is not suitable to you or your guests I will work with the showing agent to find a time that works for everyone.  

Showing Feedback

The showing feedback that can be obtained from prospective Buyers and Realtors that look at your property is valuable information.  This feedback provides direct insight into what active Buyers think about your property relative to the other listings on the market that you are competing against.  The data from the showing feedback can be used to spot trends, identify items that may need to be addressed and help to ensure that your listing remains properly positioned in the market.

I solicit feedback for every property showing that we have from the Realtor that showed your property.  This is done through a simple online form that has a very high return rate.  Once I receive the feedback I will immediately forward it to you for your review.  The feedback data is then aggregated in our online showing system, which you can access and review at anytime.  The showing feedback will also be factored into my monthly status reports and can be used to make adjustments as needed during the course of your listing.

This process also gives us the opportunity to see if there is anything we can do to assist the Buyer's agent in generating an offer on your property.  I will provide any additional information they request promptly and if needed I will do my best to overcome any challenges or objections they raise.  Additionally, I always encourage anyone that has an interest in your property to submit an offer as it is my experience that if we can get both sides talking a deal can usually get done.

Status Reports and Market Updates

I feel that it is important to keep a consistent line of communication open throughout the listing process, which ensures that you are always up to date on what is going on with your property.  Additionally, this consistent communication helps to ensure your listing stays properly positioned and competitive in the market place. 

Status Reports

I will prepare regular status reports for you summarizing the activity on your listing.  The report will include information and an analysis regarding all of the recent comparable property activity.  Additionally, it will provide a summary of your recent property showings and the associated feedback.  Finally, I will include a summary of how the Ocean City real estate market is performing overall.  This process and report helps to identify any adjustments we may need to consider and ensures that your property stays properly positioned amongst its competition in the market place.

Market Report

I prepare a monthly market report that tracks all of the key indicators and variables for the Ocean City real estate market.  I will email you a copy of this report each month to keep you up to date on how the market is performing overall.  The information in this report will be referenced against the activity on your listing to ensure your property's activity is following a similar trend.   

Favorable Listing Terms

No Administrative Fee

Most Realtors in Ocean City and the surrounding areas are going to charge you an administrative fee in addition to the commission you are already paying them to sell your home.  I think this is fundamentally wrong and as such I do not charge my clients this junk fee.

One Day Listing Cancellation

I stand behind the marketing plan that I have in place and based off of my track record and results I am confident that it works.  All of my listings contain a one day cancellation policy, which means you can cancel your listing at anytime.  If you are not happy with my services simply give me a call or send me an email and your listing will be terminated immediately, no questions asked.  Many other brokerages will lock you in for 30, 60 or even 90 days ... meaning that if you are not happy with their service and cancel the listing agreement you are still obligated to honor the listing agreement until this term expires.


Everyone's situation and property is different and what works for one listing may not work for another.  Each property presents different challenges and opportunities in regards to marketing and I am always open to new ideas and approaches.  If there is something you would like implemented into the marketing of your property that you don't see here I would be glad to discuss it with you.

Managing the Transaction

Offers and Negotiation

The ultimate goal of this comprehensive marketing plan is to get good offers submitted on your property.  I am confident in the process outlined above, which markets your property in its best light through the most effective means possible.  This goes a long way in generating interest in your listing and getting prospective Buyers through the front door.  This marketing plan coupled with an accurate pricing strategy will lead to offers being submitted on your property in relatively short order.

Once an offer is submitted on your property I will prepare an updated market valuation for you, providing us with an accurate starting point to begin negotiations from.  We will then go through this data and the details of the offer, ensuring that you understand and are comfortable with all of the terms.  Additionally, I will prepare a seller net sheet for you outlining all of the financial aspects of the deal and the bottom line.  Depending on the structure of the deal and your position we will then either counter, accept or reject the offer.  In most situations we will be countering the offer price and other terms of the deal.  When I present the counter offers I will provide the basis for them, which will be hard for the Buyer's side to argue against.  This process will go back and forth between us and the Buyer's side until we come to an agreement that is acceptable to you.

Contract Phase and Settlement

Once we have an agreement in place I will take care of all of the necessary steps to get your property from contract to closing.  I will order and distribute all of the necessary homeowners and condo association documents to the required parties. As the property inspections are performed I will oversee them and address any issues that arise.  Throughout the entire contract phase I will stay in constant communication with the Buyer's lender, settlement company and other related parties to ensure the process is progressing as it should.  If any issues arise along the way or if any of the related parties need additional information you can rest assured that it will be addressed and taken care of promptly.  As we approach the closing I will provide you with settlement statements breaking down all of the final closing numbers and will coordinate a closing time and location that is most convenient to you.  You will be provided with regular status reports throughout this entire process.

Old Fashioned Hard Work, Experience and Hustle

Just about anyone can do what is outlined here if they are willing to devote the time, resources and money that is necessary to accomplish it.  The reality of the situation is that few Realtors in Ocean City and the surrounding areas are willing to do so.  Even if they were this would all be a waste of time and resources if the agent lacks the experience and know how to successfully navigate the property from an initial offer to closing.  I have been fortunate to build a successful real estate businesses over the years and as a result there is very little in the marketplace that I haven't seen.  This provides me with the necessary experience and market knowledge to handle all of the situations and issues that arise in any given real estate transaction.  I am a full-time, career Realtor and as such am always in a position to assist you, potential Buyers, cooperating Realtors and related service providers with the sale of your property.  I pay attention to all of the little things and details, which ensures that nothing gets overlooked from the initial listing of your property all the way through to the successful closing of it.  This guarantees that your property is always represented and marketed in its best light and that the overall transaction is a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

If you would like to discuss this in greater detail or how I may be able to assist you feel free to contact me anytime.  Thanks for your time and I look forward to the possibility of assisting you with your real estate needs.


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Property Valuation

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